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Hands Therapy our signature massage which is done with essential oils, is the perfect option for those looking for deep relaxation.

25 Minutes - 25€

50 Minutes - 45€

80 Minutes - 70€

Rearmonization of the vital energy of the Body and Mind.

Bamboo it is a draining and shapping massage, indicated to activating blood circulation. Promotes relaxation of body and mind.


50 Minutes - 43€

Reflexology is a massage that stimulates the reflex points present in the feet, these points are connected to certains points of body which allows to act in specific areas.  Rebalance your vital energy.

45 Minutes - 45€

Candle feel the stress lessening with this very nourishing massage with slow and deep movements performed with a candle that when heated turns into a wonderful oil.

50 Minutes - 50€

Therapeutic Massages

Anti-Stress massage developed especially for the back, neck shoulders and head peformed with lavender essential oil that helps you to release the stress of daily life.

40 Minutes - 40€

Hot Stones feel massage developed with the heat of the volcanic stones sliding over your muscles providing you with absolute relaxation.


60 Minutes - 50€

Couple massage, rediscover your inner energy side by side with your better half in a relaxing massage with coconut fragrance.


50 Minutes - 80€

Prenatal massage is a massage specially designed for future moms, with draining movements that help circulation and relieve the feeling of tired legs. 


45 Minutes - 40€

Sports Massage is a massage that consists on the recovery of muscle fibers and the prevention of injuries, with specific techniques depending on your physical activity.

60 Minutes - 50€

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