The Moisturizer offers an intensive experience of rejuvenation, restoration and relaxation for the entire face with dehydrated skin. This treatment is a sumptuous, reinforced mask that offers deep hydration with instant and long-lasting results that prevent skin aging.

Face Treatments

All facial treatments are tailor-made for your skin, we use quality products (including Thalgo products) to improve it's texture, hydration and appearance. 

Lumière is applied to dull and fatigued skin. We offer an experience of restoration and elimination of oxidized proteins, natural detoxification of the epidermis and an improvement in the radiance of the complexion.

The Thalgomen is a treatment with products especially suitable for male skin care with a purifying, energizing, moisturizing and anti-aging result.

A rejuvenating treatment that combines these products with deep relaxing massages on the face.

The Prodige des Oceanes is a great innovation concentrated in the scope of an exception line, where the innovation, effectiveness and sensibility are combined for optimazed experience. Using a concentrate with 63 marine nutrients to nourish the skin. Combining facial massage in order to stimulate cell renewal, heal and re-energize the skin while promoting a feeling of wellness. Results with effect after 48 hours on skin firmness, homogeneous complexion and smoothed wrinkles.

Body Treatment

Exfoliation it is an intensive rejuvenation and restoration experience that eliminates dead cells, following a relaxing massage with biological oil from sweet almonds and eucalyptus essence. 

Relax in our hands!

The Cold Cream Marine it is an exfoliation and a hydrating body treatment. Intensily nourishes and repairs dry and sensitive skin with a result of a feeling an exceptional confort. 

Allow this type of care to your skin!

Seaweed  body wraps contain marine calcium with remineralizing and slimming effects . It consists of an exfoliation, wrapping and massage outcrops ensuring that your skin will look vibrant and healthy. 

Let yourself be seduced on this Involvement!

The Joyage Atlantique is a semi precious sensory journey. It is a treatment that combines an exfoliation with specific Thalgo products, a bath with olivine extract and an energizing massage with rock crystals.

This relaxing full body massage allows you to restore balance, harmony of body, mind and spirit.

Come and enjoy this sensory journey!

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The Body Pressotherapy treatment is a very effective non-intrusive treatment to reactivate the body. It oxygenates the blood with an intense lymphatic massage, very relaxing, and gives it an immediate effect of well-being and lightness.

It is a painless aesthetic treatment with many health benefits that helps improve circulation, reduces fluid retention, cellulite, localized fat and the uncomfortable feeling of bloating.


A suit and pneumatic boots exert a pleasant and relaxing pressure on the areas to be treated, through a sequence of mechanical movements with air jets that reactivate the circulatory and lymphatic system.


It is applied to the legs, abdomen and waist. The effects are immediate and the results are progressive as treatment continues. During the session, it gives a feeling of relaxation.

It oxygenates, relaxes and reactivates your body!

30 Minutes - 8€

Pressotherapy. Oxygenates, relaxes and reactivates your body!

Venus Freeze Plus. Freeze time and reverse aging!

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As we old, the body produces less collagen, which leads to visible skin aging.

Venus Freeze Plus provides you with a painless and non-invasive treatment that pleasantly heats the deep layer of your skin, stimulating collagen production and thermolipolysis.


This procedure effectively combats fat and cellulite, reduces wrinkles and furrows, reaffirms the flabby skin of the cheeks, chin, neck and body, providing it with a fresh and youthful appearance.

The treatment uses Radiofrequency technology, advanced technology for greater patient comfort, and is proven to be safe and effective for all type of skins and tones.


Most patients need between 6 - 8 treatments per zone, with each session lasting 15 to 30 minutes. 


Enjoy a relaxing and comfortable treatment, with immediate recovery and effective results. Consult us and we will determine the most suitable treatment for you!

The price is under consultation.