Taking care of food is not only a means of achieving fitness, it is also health care and wellness.


The growing increase in diseases caused by poor eating habits and changes in eating patterns have led more and more people to seek a nutritionist.


Having a healthy and balanced diet has a huge impact on everyone's quality of life..


Change your diet, your life, and become a better and healthier person!

Degree in Nutrition, effective member of the Order of Nutritionists nº 4690N.


I believe that it is easy to adopt eating habits adapted to the needs of each one. Live in balance in a healthy way and with energy.

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Catarina Peixeiro

Nutrition consultation consist of?

 First Consultation: 35€

 Next Consultation: 25€

  • Body composition analysis, 
  • Nutritional education,

  • Personalized meal plan, 

  • Nutritional Monitoring.